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Luxury jewellery


AYMES - Interior design global concept

“I wanted to create a timeless space that would cause an immediate loss of reference points. Forget everything and then discover frédéric Aymes’ fantasmagorical roses. My first job was to transform the perspective of the space by creating a whirlwind of light portals, a fantasy vision of a fairy story which, although ultra-modern, still bears the traces of the romantic period. An invitation in which we come upon the jewellery in a totally unexpected way…”


  • Brand : AYMES - place de Valois, Paris.
  • Project : Outline & detailed scheme design - Tender pack for contractors - building follow up to completion.
  • Area : 80 m2


An architectural concept developed around the idea of a central arch. An unexpected evocation of a French garden, the succession of arches creates a vortex at the end of which we discover the pieces of jewelry. A new approach to stage, far away from the traditional universe of jewellery.  


Craft & Technology

Hand-made fibered plaster archs - Integrated LED lighting system.


Jewellery box

The high gloss mirror finish floor emphasize store's precious aspect.

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