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diptyque - scented air fresheners "Ramure" & "Oiseau"

Those two creations for diptyque carry a new generation of capilla as well as innovative material. Specially developed for this project, the natural plaster diffuses by capillarity through these “sculptures”, the scent placed in the porcelain’s pedestal.


  • Brand : diptyque
  • Project : Limited edition - collection "Bazar du 34"
  • Material : natural plaster - pedestal in enameled porcelain
  • Dimensions : Diffuseur "Oiseau" - 17 cm x H 21 cm / Diffuseur "Ramure" - 18,7 cm x H 19 cm


The intention was to re-interpret the system of capillarity, which is most commonly composed of bamboo rods put in a bottle of scented petrol. All while keeping the principal of slow diffusion by means of capillarity, we wanted to create a mini sculpture emblematic of the meaning and emotion that can effectively convey the fragrance of the scent and stage the ritual. In the object we have created, the pedestal stores the fragrance and the object is the diffuser. Our challenge was to find the right material that could be molded as porcelain all while keeping its diffusing properties. The solution came from a natural plaster, a unique formula, overloaded with gypsum, 100% natural and 100% biodegradable, even the black dye which is naturally colored by smoke.