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“I wanted this piece to look like a magical object a contemporary vision of the Aladdin lamp, with its vapors signifying everyone’s well wishes and aspirations.”
Jean Marc Gady


Wish aroma diffuser was designed for high end Thaï brand PAÑPURI specialised in wellbeing and body care. Inspired by Aladdin lamp, the aroma diffuser creates an ideal ambiance. A few drops of essential oils can be used to freshen up rooms and other spaces from impurities, promising therapeutic aromatherapy benefits.


Wish is ingeniously designed with a hidden essential oils and water compartment as well as two different mist dispersion functions. The aroma diffuser scents naked and furnished spaces with ease and above all impeccable style.


  • Project: Aroma diffuser "WISH" - Limited edition
  • Editor: PAÑPURI
  • Dimensions: L 30cm x W 8,5cm x H 10cm