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Emotion was at the heart of this creation.

How could the rattan sticks system be reinterpreted while keeping the principle of cold diffusion capillarity?
Collection du 34 – diptyque.



For this third version, porous ceramic with a specific formula was selected to diffuse the fragrance. This material is cooked at the very high temperature of 1400° allowing to have a considerable capillarity for an optimal fragrance diffusion and a certain sturdiness.


Creativity was born from a solid material constraint: the pattern is embossed on one side and engraved on the other, ensuring a constant thickness on the entire piece and playing with the light and the shadows.

The Studio created in the past scented olfactive sculptures in natural plaster and bronze sintered beads and is adding this new porous ceramic diffuser to the collection. The team continuously enjoys experimenting new materials in an innovative approach and is constantly looking for emotion.


  • Brand: diptyque - Collection 34
  • Materials: Porous ceramic & porcelain
  • Dimensions: 206 x 180 x 44mm