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nature & découvertes



The reflexology mat is the result of the collaboration between Nature & Découvertes, Gwenn Libouban (reflexologist) and the design Studio Jean-Marc Gady. It is is inspired by the mandala and evokes a green landscape.



Through its organic lines, the pattern is thought as a barefoot walk through forest. It invites to reconnect with nature, to let your emotion run free in a well-being spirit.


The wooden beads and slats are hand-woven to create variety of reliefs, as natural elements (pebbles, twigs, etc.). They activate the different foot reflex zones.



Beyond its function, this unique mat has been designed to become a daily rendez-vous, an invitation to bring nature into your home.



  • Brand: Nature & Découvertes
  • Material: Fabric 100%PET, wooden beads and slats
  • Dimensions: 128 x 78 cm